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Flute Teaching

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Online lessons are now available. 

Online teaching allows students to continue their learning whilst restrictions continue to change.  Many students have commented how much they enjoy learning in the comfort of their own home, and the facility to record and watch lessons back has really helped with their studies.

Lessons are delivered on Zoom / FaceTime.

A free, no obligation consultation lesson is available to all new online students. Get in touch now to arrange this.

For more about Harry, click here.

I also teach at Blüthner Piano Centre, a very short walk from Baker Street Station, as well as at my home in Folkestone. The fee for an hour's lesson is £60.  Click here to contact me for more details and to arrange a lesson.


A holistic approach to music-making is key: elements of aural and theory training are used to develop rounded flute playing, and importance is placed on context - seeing beyond the score. Lessons are fun and informal and students are encouraged to set their own goals.

I have a flexible timetable, and can find times that suit the student best.  This allows freedom for both my students and myself.  Should a student wish to change a lesson time, then this is no problem as long as 48 hours' notice is given.

All ages and all standards are welcome, and I can prepare students for graded exams and auditions.


My message to students:


     Enjoy what you are doing.  If you don't enjoy it, then you're not doing it right!  Find out how you want to play, and make it your goal to play like that.  To find out how you would like to play, listen to recordings and concerts.  Don't just hear music, listen to it, and react to it - be brave enough to dislike things as well as like them.  Then take the bits that made you go wow - this may be something as slight as the way someone played a single, beautiful top note - and when you are at home practising, try to see if you can copy what you heard.  Don't just think that this need be limited to 'classical' music either.  Beauty is in the eye, and ear, of the beholder, and the ultimate aim of music lessons it to equip the student with the technical facility to express their own version of beauty and brilliance.  Don't wait to be told how to be imaginative, as you may be waiting a very long time!

Safeguarding for lessons:

I have a current enhanced DBS check, and can make details available on request. Lessons are recorded unless students opt out, and these recordings are stored on Zoom's cloud, accessible only by me and the student, and are automatically deleted after 7 days. Please feel free to contact me with any other safeguarding questions.


"Harry really tailored lessons to meet my learning goals, & was happy to go at my pace. He is encouraging & built my confidence. He has given me a range of different ways of tackling challenges. His demonstrations on YouTube are really helpful. His timetable is flexible, so he can fit in to busy schedules."

"Not being a professional but having played the flute since young, and not having had lessons for many a decade, lessons with Harry W have proved to be a delight. He is challenging, encouraging, detailed, generous, good humoured and very patient! Harry has taught me to play, to perform, to enjoy and to find a new, richer and larger sound from my old flute. I had thought I needed a new one, but no I needed to be taught well."

"Harry’s education and work background are exceptional, which explains his professionalism. In addition to that, his personality and previous teaching experience enable him to make lessons engaging and intriguing. Both my sister (8 years old) and I (21 years old) are taught by Harry, both of us are progressing at the right speed, and are enjoying our lessons. Having changed several teachers for my other hobbies before, I know how important and beneficial it could be to find the right teacher at the beginning. Having found Harry as my teacher, I have a lot of confidence in my future flute learning."


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